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Midnight Lace by Paula Barnes

Paula Barnes combines the drama of a rich midnight black with tones of sage, cream, and tan, in lacey ribbon-tied bouquets, vines, leafy textures and detailed geometrics.  Take this luxurious look beyond quilts to include home decor accents, personal accessories and even loungewear with an updated vintage style.
Cream Check $4.75
Teal Fern Leaf $4.75
Tan Garden $4.75
Black Floral Lace Sold Out
Teal Leaf Flower $4.75
Black Leaf Flower $4.75
Black Petal Plaid $4.75
Cream Whispy Stem $4.75
Teal Diamond Flair $4.75
Black Diamond Flair $4.75
Beige Fern Leaf Sold Out
Teal Floral Lace Sold Out
Cream Berries $4.75
Black Berries $4.75
Olive Check $4.75
Beige Leaf Flower $4.75
Tan Petal Plaid $4.75
Olive Petal Plaid $4.75
Teal Whispy Stem $4.75
Black Garden $4.75