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Wilmington Essentials Sandalwood

Sandalwood Essentials Basics features simple tone-on-tone patterns colored in a range of harmonious tan-to-brown colours.


Our fabric is high quality cotton and is torn to maintain the fabric straight of grain. Experienced quilters are aware of the importance of keeping the grain straight for accurate piecing and sewing; and that the bolt fold line is almost always inaccurate. We also add an additional "thumb's width" to the fabric to allow for the customer to line up the edges and trim the raw bits, maintaining the integrity of the grain for further cutting. Actually cutting fabric from the bolt by scissors or rotary cutter ultimately results in a shortage of measure once the grain is straightened. We have several steps in place to ensure the accuracy of pulling fabrics and placing orders.

Art Deco Feathers Medium Tan $4.00
Clamshells Medium Tan $4.00
Dotted Circles Dark Brown $4.00
Leaf Scroll Very Dark Brown $4.00
Maidenhair Fern Medium Brown $4.00
Leaves Medium Dark Brown $4.00
Pebble Dots Medium Dark Brown $4.00
Viney Leaves Light Tan $4.00
Simple Clamshell Medium Brown $4.00
Trellis Dark Brown $4.00
Wavey Diamonds Light Tan $4.00