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Dazzle Sue Spargo Threads

A sturdy 6-ply thread, Dazzle™ is comparable in weight to a #8 perle cotton. This 100% rayon and metallic mix carries a naturally bright lustre with a silky finish, making it an excellent choice for crafts, crochet, knitting, and highlighting the details on dimensional stitches. Because of Dazzle's™ light reflective properties and "pop" of metallic, the detail on wool appliqué and layering can be enhanced with edging stitches for that extra sparkle.
DZ1106 Dazzle $6.00
DZ1123 Dazzle $6.00
DZ1127 Dazzle $6.00
DZ1130 Dazzle $6.00
DZ1139 Dazzle $6.00
DZ1168 Dazzle $6.00
DZ1176 Dazzle $6.00
DZ1179 Dazzle $6.00
DZ1180 Dazzle $6.00
DZ1184 Dazzle $6.00
DZ2111 Dazzle $6.00
DZ2117 Dazzle $6.00
DZ2124 Dazzle $6.00
DZ2142 Dazzle $6.00
DZ3116 Dazzle $6.00
DZ3119 Dazzle $6.00
DZ3130 Dazzle $6.00
DZ3132 Dazzle $6.00
DZ4110 Dazzle $6.00
DZ4120 Dazzle $6.00
DZ4131 Dazzle $6.00
DZ4137 Dazzle $6.00
DZ4141 Dazzle $6.00
DZ4146 Dazzle $6.00
DZ4149 Dazzle $6.00
DZ5105 Dazzle $6.00
DZ5107 Dazzle $6.00
DZ5110 Dazzle $6.00
DZ5118 Dazzle $6.00
DZ6103 Dazzle $6.00
DZ6108 Dazzle $6.00
DZ7110 Dazzle $6.00
DZ7125 Dazzle $6.00
DZ7126 Dazzle $6.00
DZ7133 Dazzle $6.00
DZ7134 Dazzle $6.00