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Ellana Sue Spargo Wool Threads

Engineered with hand wool appliqué in mind, Ellana™ is a 12wt 2 ply, 50/50 Merino Wool/Acrylic blend. The wool provides a rich colour palette and soft loft, while the acrylic gives the thread unbelievable strength. Its perfect twist allows the thread to gently coat the edge of wool appliqué, melting into the wool. The result is an almost invisible whipstitch which creates a smooth, clean edge prepared for embellishing. Ellana™ is fray resistant and contains significantly less fuzz, rendering an unparalleled smoothness. Its soft loft is ideal for creating delicate detail when used for hand embroidery. Available in 60 original Sue Spargo colours on manageable 70 yard spools. These colours match Sue'sEfina™ cotton thread and wool fabric lines so that projects can easily be coordinated.
EL01 Ellana $4.80
EL02 Ellana $4.80
EL03 Ellana $4.80
EL04 Ellana $4.80
EL05 Ellana $4.80
EL06 Ellana $4.80
EL07 Ellana $4.80
EL08 Ellana $4.80
EL09 Ellana $4.80
EL10 Ellana Sold Out
EL11 Ellana $4.80
EL12 Ellana $4.80
EL13 Ellana $4.80
EL14 Ellana $4.80
EL15 Ellana $4.80
EL16 Ellana $4.80
EL17 Ellana $4.80
EL18 Ellana $4.80
EL19 Ellana $4.80
EL20 Ellana $4.80
EL21 Ellana $4.80
EL22 Ellana $4.80
EL23 Ellana $4.80
EL24 Ellana $4.80
EL25 Ellana $4.80
EL26 Ellana $4.80
EL27 Ellana $4.80
EL28 Ellana Sold Out
EL29 Ellana Sold Out
EL30 Ellana $4.80
EL31 Ellana $4.80
EL32 Ellana $4.80
EL33 Ellana $4.80
EL34 Ellana $4.80
EL35 Ellana $4.80
EL36 Ellana $4.80
EL37 Ellana $4.80
EL38 Ellana $4.80
EL39 Ellana $4.80
EL40 Ellana $4.80
EL41 Ellana $4.80
EL42 Ellana $4.80
EL43 Ellana $4.80
EL44 Ellana $4.80
EL45 Ellana $4.80
EL46 Ellana $4.80
EL47 Ellana $4.80
EL48 Ellana $4.80