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Dancing with colour, this fabulous hand painted product is constructed by tightly winding a rayon (viscose) thread around a core of cotton threads.  Gimp is essentially a cord, making it ideal for couching. Gimp takes creative, textural stitching to a whole new level- create 3-D effects with fabulous French Knots or Bullion Knot 'coils'.

  • Hand painted in Germany
  • Needles- Use with Gold Eye Milliner #15
  • Between a size 5 & 3
  • 15 metres/16.4 yards


Images provided bySue Spargo

Gimp Van Gogh $16.00
Gimp Turner $16.00
Gimp Agave $16.00
Gimp Picasso $16.00
Gimp Lawrence $16.00
Gimp Syringa $16.00
Gimp Peony $16.00
Gimp Macke $16.00
Gimp Rousseau $16.00
Gimp Riesling $16.00
Gimp Grandma Moses $16.00
Gimp Koala $16.00
Gimp Kirchner $16.00
Gimp Marianne $16.00
Gimp Suricata $16.00
Gimp Mary C $16.00
Gimp Island $16.00
Gimp Matisse $16.00