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Truffle Duffle Needle Nanny $17.50
Sue Spargo's Needle Pack $62.00
Sue Spargo's Milliners #15 $8.25
Sue Spargo's Long Darners #1 $8.25
Sue Spargo's Tapestry #24 $5.50
Sue Spargo's Tapestry #20 $5.50
Sue Spargo's Short Darners #11 $5.50
Sue Spargo's Short Darners #9 $5.50
Gina-B Yorkshire Button Book and Kits from $9.50
Gina-B Dorset Button Book and Kit from $28.00
Gina-B Zwirnknopf Button Book and Kit Sold Out
Half Inch Rulers by Sue Spargo $9.50
Hot Ruler $29.00
Fabric Folding Pen $25.00
Sue Spargo Shape Easy Templates $36.00
Bunka Brush $16.50
Sue Spargo's Loop Easy Templates $22.00
Sue Spargo's Spoke Easy Templates $37.00
Wool Drizzle Pad $6.00
Clover Applique Pins $10.00
SEWLINE Aqua Erase Pen $11.75
SEWLINE Trio Chalk Marking Pencil $27.00