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Instructor:  Trina O'Rourke.  Another fun class that will focus on 'free-form' stitching.  There is NO pattern for this project other than a small, medium and a large tree form. This project is a combination of stitching and embellishing and will once again challenge your creative self!

Dates and Time:  10am-4pm EACH DAY
IN SEAFORTH at The Cotton Harvest, 220 Main St S, Seaforth
Saturday, June 1
Sunday, June 2
with the option of a third day
Sunday, July 7

Skill Level:  Confident but enthusiastic beginner

Class Fee:  $140 + $70 for the third day if required

Class Details:  This project will take what you've learned in Sand Dollars to the next level.  Instead of decorating your sand dollars you'll be decorating three regal winter trees.  Unlike sand dollars you can go beyond your wool circles and start to feel comfort in stitching on your background too!  We will use such things a beads, ricrac, domes, Dorset and Yorkshire buttons to beautifully decorate your very own one-of-a-kind Winter Trees piece!  When finished you might use this project as a pillow or have it quilted and hung or framed and displayed!  Once again...the possibilities are endless for this pattern-less Winter Trees project!  Can't wait to get going on mine again!

Supply List:  Everything but the kitchen sink; background wool, tree wool, beads, ricrac, ribbon, threads, specialty threads, needles, spoke and loop easy templates...and the list goes on.