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Sue Spargo's Gold Eye Milliners #3 Needle

Sue's exclusive Gold Eye Milliners #3!  Made in Japan, these needles are uniquely designed with a large, gold eye for easier threading.  Double polished for exceptional performance, these Milliners offer effortless piercing through multiple layers of wool and other fibers.

The Gold Eye #3 is the go to needle for eleganza size 8 but is also a wonderful alternative to the Chenille #24 for embellishing and stitchery if you suffer from hand fatigue or cramping.

The unique colour coded system takes the guess work out of which needles to use with which Sue Spargo threads!

  • size 1
  • longer eye
  • 4/tube
  • unique colour coded system
  • green tube = use with green spool (Eleganza #8)

Image provided by Sue Spargo

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